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By: Joshuar Gomez

‘Amen cu Sanger’ ta conta e storia di Alex; Un hoben homosexual cu ta lidia diariamente cu e homofobia di un comunidad conservativo y sumamente religioso. Atrapa den un atmosfera violento, e lo siña cu tin un scuridad hopi mas profundo cu esun di anochi, un scuridad hopi mas perturbador cu esun di cieguedad. Un scuridad cu ta reina for di e profundidadnan infecta di curason y almanan indoctrina. Amen cu Sanger ta un buki cu ta pusha e baricada confortabel cu tin den nos cultura literario. Cu topiconan manera sexualidad, violencia, religion, depresion y prostitucion, … e buki ta tribi di hinca dede den e heridanan di nos comunidad.

Amen cu Sanger
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Amen cu Sanger
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We believe in democratizing the publishing world. The art of Writing and the Joy of Publishing should be available to all voices, generations and levels of experiences. A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people. If we are not reading the work of our own people, then we are not writing our own history…

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Red Soil Publishing was founded to amend the lack of publishing opportunities for young writers on Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. Queer writers; New writers, Experienced writers, Brave writers … We all deserve the opportunity to share our pen with the World. Our goal is to introduce a decolonized Afro-Indigenous perspective in the literary culture of Aruba and the Caribbean. 

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RSP believes in democratizing the publishing world. Writing and publishing should be available to all voices, generations and level of experiences. A nation's identity resides in the hearts and souls of its people. If we're not listening to our own people, then we are not writing our own history.

Joshuar Gomez
My name is Joshuar Gomez and I am the founder of Red Soil Publishing. As an Indigenous Queer Aruban, I have made it my mission to write and re-write Aruban history from an Indigenous perspective. I am the author of 'Amen cu Sanger' and currently studying at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Currently working on making literature accessible to all Arubans through RSP and Linguana; our new spelling checker for Papiamento.

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