Amen cu Sanger

By: Joshuar Gomez

‘Amen cu Sanger’ ta conta e storia di Alex; Un hoben homosexual cu ta lidia diariamente cu e homofobia di un comunidad conservativo y sumamente religioso.  Amen cu Sanger ta un buki cu ta pusha e baricada confortabel cu tin den nos cultura literario. Cu topiconan manera sexualidad, violencia, religion, depresion y prostitucion, … e buki ta tribi di hinca dede den e heridanan di nos comunidad.

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Amen cu Sanger
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Amen cu Sanger
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Amen cu Sanger (Ebook)

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Amen cu Sanger – (Spoiler-Free) Review

Amen cu Sanger – (Spoiler-Free) Review

JENNIFER-LOU RICHARDSON—Hi there, my name is Jennifer and I am a creative writer based in Aruba. I first discovered my…

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Red Soil Publishing was founded to amend the lack of publishing opportunities for young writers from the Caribbean, especially from the Islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao [and their descendants all over the world]. Queer writers, New writers, Experienced writers, Brave writers … Red Soil Publishing is a Caribbean Publishing Company that gives you the opportunity to share your pen with the world. Our mission is to introduce a decolonized Afro-Indigenous perspective in the literary culture of the Caribbean.

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