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Amen cu Sanger (Ebook)

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‘Amen cu Sanger’ ta conta e storia di Alex; Un hoben homosexual cu ta lidia diariamente cu e homofobia di un comunidad conservativo y sumamente religioso. Atrapa den un atmosfera violento, e lo siña cu tin un scuridad hopi mas profundo cu esun di anochi, un scuridad hopi mas perturbador cu esun di cieguedad. Un scuridad cu ta reina for di e profundidadnan infecta di curason y almanan indoctrina. Amen cu Sanger ta un buki cu ta pusha e baricada confortabel cu tin den nos cultura literario. Cu topiconan manera sexualidad, violencia, religion, depresion y prostitucion … e buki ta tribi di hinca dede den e heridanan di nos comunidad.




Red Soil Publishing






Joshuar Gomez

2 reviews for Amen cu Sanger (Ebook)

  1. chisela_96 (verified owner)

    I finished this book a couple of days ago and can I just say how much I LOVE it! It was such a smooth read but with so much suspense. I couldn’t stop reading🤯🤯.

    I don’t have students this year who speak Papiamento but you can bet that I’ll be recommending this book to anyone who does, and I someday hope to have a bunch of copies stacked up on a classroom shelf, so anyone can pick it up because it really is just that good with such a powerful message.

    I genuinely hope you keep writing more books!

  2. shaniceromney (verified owner)

    I do not even know how to begin describing my experience reading this book. It was just a rollercoaster of emotions. This book made me laugh, cry, yell and even shocked me at times. However, this is al because it’s written so well. Joshuar really transports you into the mind of Alex and how he experiences being gay on Aruba. This book is very daring and provocative as Joshuar touches on subjects that are seen as taboo ( I won’t tell you which subjects as I might give spoilers).

    Besides the story having depth it’s also so beautifully written. This book really makes you appreciate the papiamento language much more ( and surely improved my vocabulary haha)

    I will not say too much about the story as I feel like one should just experience it.

    But that said you are surely in for a ride.

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